YiiAWS is intended to be the best solution for the integration between Yii and AWS.

There a bunch of people that will upload examples and howto’s about this topic.

I would love to know if anyone wants to participate in this.

If I understood correctly, this project is NOT an extension, but rather version of Yii with AWS features built-in? Is that right?

Could you explain why going this route vs extension?

Also, what are the features? The website doesn’t say much yet.

You are right. This is not a plugin. This is YII that includes the libraries for using AWS. I wish you the best of lucks with your project!

The idea of using this instead of an extention is that in the near future ( I think & hope ) they will be examples using all the stuff from amazon. Is just a different approach. Just choose the want that is best for you.

OK. How do you get around Yii’s assumption that class names must match file names?

Or the SDK’s “autoloader” - that probably conflicts with Yii’s?

The best way that I found to load all the libraries for AWS was to call directly the autoload in the sdk pf AWS.

You can use a ClassPath to do it mannually in Yii, but if they do an upgrade in the libraries, and add more or delete them you need to change it too.

This way does not matter how they do it.