Yiiadmin - extending / What would be the easiest way to get a listBox multiple-select field in model-create view, that would display many-tomodifying

I have to give kudos to authors of this framework, first of all.

I have tried Codeigniter and Kohana, but diving and swimming…

I’ve decided to dive and swim in yii waters.

And kudos to yiiadmin.

Anyone well acquainted with yiiadmin? I’m starting a topic with the question I already asked on

yiiadmin thread.

What would be the easiest way to get a listBox multiple-select field in model-create view, that

would display many-to-many relation, for example I have a ‘pivot’ table that holds these

article-category relationships, along with Article and Category tables.

I already have these relations defined in models, and I even managed to get some other

relations into list view, like Author.name acquired through author_id field in Article table.

Now I want the Article creation

form to contain multiple select listBox that would save into this pivot table automatically

multiple choices of categories the Article belongs to.

Those would be, therefore, multiple entries/rows into article_category pivot table by one

Article submission.

At the same time, the Article table itself does not contain any field that refers to category.

The pivot table therefore picks up article’s id attribute and connects it with categorie’s (another model/table)

id and makes a row out of this.

So, for example, I have these tables/models:

Article >>> id | title | author | text

Category >>> id | name | description

ArticleCategory >>> id | article_id | category_id

And I want to populate this third pivot table with multiple rows from multiple select listBox

from the Article create view/form of yiiadmin (often through only one submission).

I also want to automatically render category.name from the Category table into this listbox, appropriately related

to category id-s so that I can show names from category table, and by choice & submission populate pivot table with

id-s of a category (therefore not names)

Is this possible, and what would be the way to do this?

Oh, and I’ve already added “case ‘listBox’” to CreateWidget function in YiiAdminModule, just don’t know all

about the parameters I might add.

Things I’ve tried simply don’t return anything.

I presumed this is because I’m trying to make an input from relationship, not table column of the Article itself…