YiiAdmin (Beta preview)

Hi all,

Let me introduce you YiiAdmin extenstion,

which allows you to manage your models in way like Django Admin do(http://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/ref/contrib/admin/).

This is first release.

I need people to test this extension.

Instalation http://github.com/firstrow/yiiadmin/blob/master/README.md


Please, write a manual on Russian. Maybe on russian forum - http://yiiframework.ru/forum/


Ok, I’ll do it a bit later today.

very interesting. But how to switch to "en" language?

And why dont you use tableName method to manage models?

I think you can also improve managing related models… anyway compliments!

To enable English lang edit protected/config/main.php




The reason why I dont use model tableName is,

that sometimes I need make model name in list like "Contests Users" or "Blog Posts",

table name is always static.

if $adminName or $pluralNames are not set, yiiadmin will use model class name to display.

Hi, I tested your yiiadmin extension.

working great now but had some problems:

It complained get_class() expects a object but recieved a string

I commended out the if statement in YiiadminModule->getModelNamePlural() and this fixxed the issue

Logout button was not working without the urlmanager set to path

a changed the href of the link to <?php echo $this->createUrl(’/yiiadmin/default/logout’); ?> in views/layouts/main

i also cant browse for a file when i try to insert an image using the wysiwyg editor.

still have to do some more testing ill let you know when i find something.


Thank you for testing and bug reporting/fixing.

Also, yiiadmin doesn’t have file manager. I want to connect elFinder(http://elrte.ru/en/elfinder/).


Opened github repository http://github.com/firstrow/yiiadmin

I have an error: Property "YiiadminModule.registerModels" is not defined.

I placed yiiadmin to modules dir of my application and added













to application config. And i have "Block" model.

What i do wrong?

And if i add registerModels via YAdminConfig.php, i have an error:

get_class() expects parameter 1 to be object, string given

Source File


Just update code from github repo. there is new version with some little fixes.

also it’ll fix problems above.


if you dont have git installed, you can download source directly in zip format.


I added @ before get_class at YiiadminModule.php(234)

and main page with list of models displays. But when i try to edit something, i get error:

Property "Block.model" is not defined.

Source File:


do you updated code from github?

I download it from http://github.com/firstrow/yiiadmin/zipball/master and still have error

Property "Block.model" is not defined.

Source File


p.s.: do you spaek russian?

Yes i speak Russian.

What version of Yii you use? I’ve tested it only on Yii 1.1.2.


There is a discussion about YiiAdmin in Russian: http://yiiframework.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=1083

Yii 1.1.2

php 5.3 on windows (Denwer)

Sorry, problem was due my adminSearch method, all works fine now

[s]It seems that yiiadmin tries to set "$model" variable in Block model.

But I cant repeat this bug =([/s]

OK. Good luck in testing.