Yii3 Review 2018

Good morning first of all a Merry Christmas to the members of this great Yii community…

I understand that Yii Framework is totally Open Source and non-profit.

During these days there have been some twees, and in some if Yii is dead, which we know is not so but we must reflect on some important things that make the community does not grow anymore.

YiiSoft Repositories:

yiisoft/yii2: The repository of Yii2 has 746 issues and 186 pull request, since 2014, it is possible that among those of us who form the community we can find a reviewer or a team that helps and we commit to review and release an LTS version, update all the documentation. Yii2 should be only to correct errors, and all the development pass it to Yii3.

Impressive the work done by @klimov-paul , @hiqsol @samdark, @Silverfire, @cebe, @rob006 and many others who have wanted to develop the new version of Yii Framework 3.0 since it was Yii 2.1, but in the same way There is a leader who makes decisions that are not achieved by consensus and thus give more speed to the project.

It must involve the community more, make a review that combines everything and be aware of the repositories, if the community sees that there are quick answers, the requests for attraction will come alone, there are many people who have left Yii for this aspect.

Yii is a powerful, fast, efficient and simple framework, so let’s not let it die, let’s try as a community to support what we can and that project leaders can provide more openness and maintain the most up-to-date repositories that can be seen on the move. I think that all of us who work with the framework are the most interested.

I hope you can understand me, my English is not very good, I hope to contribute what I can and what my knowledge allows.



Yii 2 already reached feature freeze some versions ago. It was announced so mainly only bug reports are accepted. Features are moved to 3.0.

3.0 is, indeed, lacks in management. That is mainly my fault but seems I can’t handle all the management alone.
@machour recently took initiative pushing 2.0 to release and that helped much to unstuck things in that direction. That’s a good example on how to move things forward.


Yes totally correct and I’m supporting what I can most.

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@samdark @machour The note should be placed in the main Readme, on the maintenance of Yii2 without new features and correction of errors, there are some issues that can be closed due to inactivity.

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Reviewing again Yii 3.0 2019, we have seen some changes such as the division into new packages as well as the use of pascal camel case, I feel that the framework works faster, it is lighter, it is also easy to configure tests with codeception, we expect new changes in the Di package, I created a basic application with boostrap4, feel free to try it.


I hope we can continue moving faster thanks for all the work.