Yii3 Responsive View

in this modern days, we bring our device every time we go (Laptop, Phone, Tablet), and maybe mostly we just bring our phone, than our laptop or tablet, and mostly we check our phone more than our laptop, and hopefully the developer will consider to built more Yii1 / Yii2 / Yii3 in mobile view, maybe e-commerce, landing page, even dashboard, so our apps is on the go

i just thought if yii3 will considerate a feature for mobile view (layout, crud, etc), maybe a code for mobile view only?

and to all Yii Developers, i’m wanna say thank you so much to bring this simplicity, flexibility, modern, and dash develop php framework to live, so the leftover time will use to find another idea apps to built with this awesome framework to help so many people to find what they need.

Likely we’ll adopt https://bulma.io/ for the default application template but you’ll be able to use something else if you don’t like this particular CSS framework.

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thank you mr @samdark

time to learning something new again :smile:
and the https://bulma.io/ its modules is mobile responsive first

so sorry cannot help much, but i wish yii3 will ready take off soon