yii2support plugin future functionality


I develop yii2support plugin for PhpStorm.

Right now I came to point where I need to be aware about settings in project.

But if we go beyond very basic project it becomes not easy to ready config. It may cotain logic, there could be multiple applications.

Want to get an advice from community before I start to put effort into development, may be will see new bright ideas.

So I see following solutions:

  1. To develop Yii2 component that user installs to applications and it dumps config on execution in dev. environment. Not completely happy about this solution because you need to do extra job, but seems to be most versatile and bug free way .

  2. Plugin may have settings window. There could be some settings, for example db table prefix, param file path, aliases, application. This settings may be filled automaticaly when plugin can do it, with a possiblity to be adjusted by user. Like this way, but it is not versatile .

  3. I could try to read config. Buy if there are some unconventional things, this will fail. And software that fails suxx.

#2 sounds good.