Yii2 with bitbucket -> folder rights issues -> Best Practice?

Hi there,

can anyone help me following best practice on yii2 with versioning and different environments?

Following situation:

  • Set up and installed Yii2 (imporved advanced template: http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/yii2-improved-advanced-template/ ) on a Win7 machine with XAMPP

  • pushed everything within "advanced" folder to bitbucket using Netbeans

  • .gitignore files have been generated somehow (where do they come from??)

  • had to edit some of the .gitignore files (e.g. dont push debug folder, push main-local.php …)

  • friend of mine (also win7 + xampp) was then able to pull the sources into an empty folder with netbeans and start the application after importing the database -> Very nice, he didnt need to use composer at all

- Now to MY ISSUE:

  • Mac with OSX Yosemite -> installed XAMPP -> created a folder within htdocs -> pulled the sources with netbeans into an empty folder of htdocs -> imported database:

PHP Warning - yii\bas\ErrorException

mkdir(): Permission denied

I found a thread somewhere in which someone was telling to chmod 777 some folders like assets, runtime and so forth.

My question now:

What should I do?

Will I have the same issues when deploying to an linux production server?

How do you handle all this?