Yii2 View displaying Html code

I am editing content of a form with a wysiwyg editor

<?= $form->field($model, 'content')->widget(CKEditor::className(), [
        'options' => ['height' => 800],
        'preset' => 'basic',
        'clientOptions' => ['height' => 400]
    ]) ?>

Everything is working fine the data is insertted into the DB as well but the problem is this if i render the view of the article it is showing the row html code in body for example in editor I made a text as bold In view instead of showing me a bold text it is showing me Text How can i make this working?

How do you render your data in the view?
If you are using DetailView widget, you have to set the ‘format’ parameter of the item to ‘html’.

:html instead of :text has done the trick how can I remove words from table like tags id content like that i want the content to be displayed dont want first column of the table

Why don’t you stop using DetailView widget and construct the view page on your own?

Can you give me a quick starter some wher?

There’s nothing special. For example:

<h1><?= Html::encode($model->title) ?></h1>
<?= HtmlPurifier::process($model->content) ?>
<p><?= Html::encode(implode(', ', $model->tags)) ?></p>

Take care of the view security.