Yii2-usuario double alert message

Hi All,

Please help.

  1. Software used:
  • Apache 2.4.43 x64
  • SQL SERVER 2012 x64
  • Php 7.2.30
  1. Framework
  • Yii2 basic 2.0.35
  1. Estension installed
  • yii2-usuario
  1. Problem
  • Got double alert message. If I set enableFlashMessages to false, some alert message not appear. How to avoid double alert message ?

screenshot : https://imgur.com/2nSVRLc

please help @maxxer @tonydspaniard

Are you using the latest version (master or 1.5.1)?

If so it could be a bug… Would you mind opening an issue on github? thanks

Thanks for the reply,

I’ve checked and confirm the version is 1.5.1

issue created on github : https://github.com/2amigos/yii2-usuario/issues/384

Thank you @maxxer