Yii2-User Without Composer

I would like to try the yii2-user extension, but where should I place the "dektrium" folder?

And where should I place a own module/extension?

Many thanks

Why do you want to install this without composer? It is in general possible but there is no reason to make it complicated.

Thanks for your reply.

The reason is very simple. I never used composer before.

I’m sure I’ll learn and use it soon, but while learning the framework, I would prefer to do everything by myself, instead of running a “program” (having no idea what it have effectively done).

In yii1, there is a "module" folder under "protected" one. I just would like to know how is it handled in yii2.

Sorry for offtopic, but if i place user-module in vendor folder and change view - will composer-update delete it?

Its simple to learn. Entire package dependency management is managed by composer. If you had such a tool to automatically detect the entire package dependency hierarchy and upgrade packages why would you want to do it manually?

These folders were restricted in yii 1.x. With yii 2.x - the namespaces ensure that you can place any class, module, or extension virtually anywhere within the app folder and access it through proper namespaces.

Ok. I’ve just learned and used composer. As you have written, it is easy and, after used it, simple to find out what it effectively does.

Many thanks

it’s meaningful to copy the user module to your modules dir !

what if you do some modification ? if you let the composer to manager it ,all thing your 'v done will be gone in the next composer updating operation :-[

this module seems support copying yii2-user

If you want to modify it, consider making a pull request to original repository.

Not only this module – technically you can copy any code manually and work on it like Yii 1.1. You would need to edit related config file(s) manually - which will otherwise have been automatically updated when using composer. It would work as long as you do everything manually - including carefully updating each and every package and their dependencies.

But if you try to mix composer’s package management with some things copied manually - it would cause a terrible conflict to your app install (depending on what you choose to overwrite using composer)… seriously not recommended.

You may fork code and keep it out of vendors folder if you really wish to edit and maintain vendor code yourself manually (like Yii 1.x),

Nice information in this thread. I had to install a yii user module and got it working easily using composer.