Yii2 User Db Table Shcema/dump Sql File

This is may be the most basic question about the yii2, but I am stuck with it.

In yii2, there is pre-build model USER, but I dont found any schema/dump for DB Table user.

Am I missing something or where I can found that?

use "yii migrate"


Thanks. Finally I sort out the migration.

This is weird. I started a new Yii 2.0 Project from scratch, and sort of expected it to be there.

I can’t believe I was so stupid, as when you start the project and connect to a database, you sort of expect it to create these system based tables for you…

I am expecting way too much from this system!

Maybe you should start using Gii tool: http://code-epicenter.com/yii-framework-2-tutorial-5-working-with-gii-tool/