Yii2 Theming within an advanced template app

I have an advanced template app, ie I have a front- and a backend.

I’m trying to override the user registration form view through theming.

In my config I added the component:

'view' => [

            'theme' => [

                'pathMap' => [

                    '@dektrium/user/views' => '@frontend/views/user'




Thus I expect Yii to look for the user views in frontend/view/user first. There I have a file called register.php that I expected to be shown if I browse to user/register. But it still shows the dektrium view instead. What am I missing?

This may help


(I’m not sure though, because I’m myself learning Yii2)

Yes, this is what I want to do. But there are only examples for the basic template app. I have the advanced template app, so I don’t do '@app/ stuff rather @frontend and @backend. I thought I could just replace @app with @frontend but it doesn’t seem to work, maybe I’m doing something else wrong.

EDIT: it does work, I had the directory structure wrong. I had views/user/register.php when I needed views/user/registration/register.php