Yii2+Swoole - from 40 req/s to 1200 req/s

Using the extension yii2-swoole-extension I went from ±40 req/s (NGINX+PHP-FPM) to ±1200 req/s (NGINX+SWOOLE) :nerd_face:

In this link (https://github.com/swoole-foundation/yii2-swoole-extension/issues/3) I put the benchmark and notes on details in the implementation of the extension.

I hope that Yii3 is already born compatible with Swoole, as it is with Swoole that PHP will once fight with Go and Node regarding performance. :sunglasses:

If you have doubts about the need to integrate PHP frameworks with Swoole to go head to head with Go and easily overtake Node, check out these other benchmarks:

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Yii3 is developed with some consideration of roadrunner’s, swoole’s and amphp’s existence.

We must observe the details, Swoole is an extension for PHP and in the performance tests it practically ties with Go.

There is a lot of movement from Yii to Roadrunner, but in performance tests Swoole has a big advantage.

Maintaining compatibility with all OK.

“Hello world” tests have one issue - they doesn’t show what happens if your application is a bottleneck. With an 1 msec application there is no big difference between roadrunner and swoole (even apache is not so much slower, as kenashkov discovered).
Regarding integration of yii3 and swoole, take a look at docs.

In https://github.com/the-benchmarker/web-frameworks Yii2 gets 4,111 points while Yii2+Swoole 34,632