Yii2 Survey application

Hi all

I’ve taken onboard a project for our University and I’m looking to create a surveying platform to help the University Board better understand the needs of the students.

I believe in the power of Yii2, so I am looking for someone to help me out through Skype (preferably someone near the UTC+10 timezone) or the help collaborate on the code. I guess we can do it in steps, and just build a basic survey system and then expand it with more functionality over time.

Please let me know if you’re interested, how long you think it would take you and what you would charge for the project or as hourly rate. I will consider paid help too.


See below for a brief scope of where we want to go with this system.

For a university project, we need the following functionality:

[i]In a yearly survey sent to students we want the students to answer a number of questions, including "updating" their profile.

The system is only accessible through login. It uses a number of user levels and user roles.

There are three levels of users: board users (professors, deans, and other staff), student group leaders, and students)

The Board group has admin privileges, and are the only ones who can start a survey. They can also configure the questions.

The student group leaders can both respond to a survey and see reports of the responses of the students belonging to this student group.

The students can only respond to a survey.

A survey is opened on a specific date and respondents are notified by email. A survey closes at a certain date and time automatically. No further responses can be accepted after submission.

Upon starting a survey, there are 3 sources of questions that are being collected:

  • Core questions, questions that are asked every survey, every year. e.g.: ‘Where did you study before this’

  • Supplemental questions: questions that can be asked one year, but not the next year (the board users can mark these questions as mandatory.) These questions have an attribute called 'show until’-date

  • Profile questions: These are ‘social media’ type of questions, such as age, gender, birthday, phone, email, etc.

When the respondent for the survey receives the invitation in their email, clicking on the link brings them to the login page of the survey platform. Here they log in using their email address and a password. Once successfully logged in, the respondent can fill out the survey questions, gathered from the three sources listed above.

All questions are listed with a maximum of 10 per page. Before finalising the survey, the respondent is shown a screen with all questions with the option to amend changes prior to submitting (after which changes can’t be made).

I’m looking to build this into Yii2. Or ideally someone who can assist in building this project.[/i]

Thank you to all CIS members applying for this. I am looking for a developer located in UTC+10 or there about, and an individual, not an agency.

Thanks again.