Yii2 still support PHP 5.6?


Looks like the dependency to symfony’s packages cause some issues when trying to support PHP <= 5.6, right after updating dependencies composer update, you’ll get the polyfill-php80 error, this seems to be related to some symfony’s underlying packages which require php 7.x (I believe doctrine…), the `“php”:">=5.6.0" in the composer.json has no effect, yii2 should works well with 5.6 right? is there any way to downgrade symfony/doctrine without breaking the project ?

Related old issue:

I’ve just found this question, and I wonder if this can’t be fixed and Yii2 is still depending on symfony’s packages, why we’re keeping Yii2 on PHP 5.6?


Is Yii 2 requesting packages that have “php”: “>=5.6.0” constraint?