Hello, Yii community!

On Russian forum we already have a topic for this application, but yesterday after Yii2-Start was updated to new version, somebody from English community, told me, that will be a good idea to create one more topic here, for sharing with all Yii community. Hope this application will be useful for you.

Yii2-Start is a fast and easy way to start a Yii 2 project.

The main idea of this application, it to create a flexible system, that will allow you to easy install\uninstall needed functionality, just writing\removing a new dependency in main composer.json, because almost all functional is written like separate module, with composer support.

At the moment it has bellow functional:

  • Full backend user management, with all CRUD functional, filtering, sorting, and avatar uploading.

  • Full backend blog management, with all CRUD functional, filtering, sorting, and image uploading.

  • Nice control panel, based on "AdminLTE" template.

  • Nice frontend "Flat Theme".

  • FileAPI widget at the moment without multiple uploading support.

  • Imperavi widget with files, images uploading support.

  • Select2 widget.

  • Realy simple RBAC module.

  • And simple background runner for console actions.

If the application will be useful for community, it will be maintained and developed.

On Github already is created a small list of features. (Issue list), if you have your own ideas, please fill free to report it. Also all your pull request are very welcome.

Because this is my first topic here, I can’t add normal links, so I sorry for this.


  • Github repo: github.com/vova07/yii2-start

  • Demo backend: yii2-start.find-freelancer.pro/backend/ (Login: demo | Password: demo12345)

  • Demo site: yii2-start.find-freelancer.pro

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Is there a basic template for yii2-start?

I’m sorry for the late answer.

No, Yii2-Start has just one template. Something like "advanced" with some modification.

Updated application to new version.

  • Added comments module.

  • Added RBAC module.

  • And extracted all core extension to separate repos.



Demo User (With limited rights):

  • Login: demo

  • Password: demo12345

Admin (Full rights):

  • Login: admin

  • Password: admin12345

P.S. Please do not remove or edit demo and admin users. Create a test user for testing. Thanks!


thanks a lot for this example. The demo installation looks really awesome!

I did a local installation but with that I’m facing a small issue: I cannot login. Redirection does not seem to work.

Sign in to the backend always redirects me again to "../backend/login/" and not to the dashboard.

Any idea what could be the issue?

Thanks in advance,


Hello Sebastian,

I’m sorry for the late answer.

I checked the "login" action, but all looks good. Can you try to login 2-3 times consecutively ? Do you have some JS errors?

Will be better, if you’ll create a new issue here: https://github.com/vova07/yii2-start/issues


I like your template, it needs almost everything for my project.

I’m not that familiar with Yii2 and I’m wondering how I can override single view files in your template. eg. sidebar-menu.php for my own menu.


I recently write about this on Github: https://github.com/vova07/yii2-start/issues/94 I hope it will be not to late.

If you have some question about application, fell free to write them on Github. Thanks!

Thanks vova07 for your response. I managed to override the sidebar-menu view.

I’ve added this in backend main config:

'components' => [

        'view' => [

            'theme' => [

                'class' => 'vova07\themes\admin\Theme',

                'pathMap' => [

                    '@backend/views' => [




                    '@backend/modules' => [








And have the following file structure for overriding the sidebar-menu.php:

and that works great!!

But what should I do to override your

I’ve tried so many things but I did not manage to override it.

The easiest way is to add to your "pathMap" something like this:

'@vova07/admin' => '@backend/themes/mytheme/modules/admin'

and after you can easy cover the needed views.

attached to this mail is a zipped tar file containing german translations (DE) of all ./VENDOR/VOVA07/YII2-START-<extensions>. For each extension there is a <text>.php-file as well as a config.php-file

of cours: the <text>.php file contains german translated strings

where the config.php file contains the language marker (e.g.‘languages’ => [‘de’, ‘en’, ‘ru’],)

best regards