Yii2 Soundcloud

hello all,

How to install soundcloud in my website.

I have tried to use this : https://github.com/njasm/soundcloud/

but it didnt work.

there is no any guideline to use this. can nybody help to install this.

hello rups g

I’m the creator of that library, and also the yii2-soundcloud extension/package for yii2.

thanks for using it, but what did not work?

If you are using yii2, why not install https://github.com/njasm/yii2-soundcloud ?

Also both, the framework agnostic library (https://github.com/njasm/soundcloud) and the yii2 package (https://github.com/njasm/yii2-soundcloud) have a README.md with examples, and how to install.

if you find any bugs or missing features in the library, I invite you to open some issues in github