Sortable ActiveRecord for Yii 2 framework.


  • Several implemented algorithms. Choose one to fit your needs.

  • Setting of sortable scope. In this case the order of models in each scope is managed separately.

  • Additional setting of sortable condition. For example, if the model can be marked as active or deleted, you can additionally specify that condition and it will be considered when changing these attributes values.

  • Order auto adjustment when adding new model, removing out of sortable scope, moving between the sortable scopes.

  • Changing order of models inside sortable scope.

  • GUI for managing order of models in GridView (SortableColumn).

  • Sort controller for simplifying writing of own GUI


There are some examples, but currently without live demo.

If you have any questions, suggestions or constructive criticism, don’t hesitate to ask.

Added tests, fixed some critical bugs.