Yii2 Snippets for "Sublime Text 3" Code Auto-Completion?

I’ve found some Yii 1.1 code snippets for the “Sublime Text” code editor here:


Unfortunately, these snippets have not been updated for Yii 2.

Does anyone know where to obtain Yii 2 code snippets for Sublime Text?


(I prefer Sublime Text because it’s built on Python instead of Java. Java seems to need frequent updating, it tends to have security issues, and it’s relatively slow, or so I’ve heard. Other keyword search terms for this post might include “code completion”, “code autocompletion”, and “code hinting”.)

I moved from Sublime Text to Atom - mainly because Sublime Text 3 takes forever to be released, and because I would have to pay again to upgrade - and because Atom is open source and based on HTML5/Node.js.

There is a Yii2 package for Atom: https://atom.io/packages/atom-yii2

I am not using the Yii 2 package myself, though. ;)