yii2-simplechat 2.0.0-alpha

Yii2-SimpleChat 2.0.0 alpha is released

I am very pleased to announce the release of yii2-simplechat 2.0.0-alpha. You may follow the instructions on Github to install or upgrade to this version.

The version 2 is a complete rewrite of the version 1. This version inherits the main spirit behind yii2-simplechat for being a simple, fast and flexible.

The alpha release of yii2-simplechat 2 marks a major milestone in the course of development. It means that the code base of the version 2 has reached a certain degree of stability. If you just start to use yii2-simplechat or you do not have a tight project schedule, you may consider using this version. Please do not use this version in production as i may still introduce significant changes without prior notices.

is there any way to install without using composer?

Hi, you can download the source from Github. But keep in mind, the extension has its own dependencies like yii2-bootstrap and yii2-twig when running in demo mode. So if you are installing this extension, make sure that its dependencies are installed too.


You are welcome!