Yii2 Shopping Cart Question

I’m working on a project for a client and he requires a simple shopping cart.

As of right now, what’s my best option when it comes to implementing a shopping cart?

Building it from scratch or is there an extension or module available that I should / could use?

Yii2 Have very few extensions yet. So Either find one for Yii 1 and Port it to 2 or code yours. Am not aware of any!

currently Yii does not have any full fledged extension yet. so make it your own. consider Yii 1.1 if your project have tight schedule otherwise stick with Yii2

there are some e-commerce related extensions ! you just google it with your keywords ,such as :

yii2 cart , yii2 eav


here i found a nice one ,just look at it:yii2-shopping-cart . this extension is a portable version for yii1-shopping-cart-component

as far as I know yii doesn’t have good shopping carts. If I were you I would go for prestashop, virtuemart, opencart etc.