Yii2 Salesforce


Salesforce has a RESTful API to manage your data. I need create a interface to manage them (without database, caching… directly in the Salesforce REST API).

  • I thought of a CRUD using REST

  • I also thought about writing a SalesforceModel, to link to Grid

How the best way to do this? Ideas? Best pretices?


I saw REST-backed data provider somewhere so if you’ll choose to implement it, check for ready to use extensions first. Not sure which way would be the best though.

I would recommend to consider using basic Vue.js script to interact with REST api. I have experience doing this with several REST backends (SalesForce Desk among them) and the result is a lot more responsive and appealing app than regular PHP implementation. In case you get troubles with client-side auth - you might need a simple controller action to handle auth on backend and proxy all queries to salesforce (so basically your action will CURL to REST api passing all the REQUEST params, grab the API response and output it to stdout).