Yii2 Release Date


I know this is a bit nasty question but important one IMHO.

I see there is some slow down in Yii development. I completed a few nice applications with Yii v.1.1.x and I see some ongoing bug fixing but the decision moment is coming soon: shall I stick to Yii or move to another, more mature framework. Yii v.2 looks nice but is not yet production ready. Kohana is v.3.3.2 stabile and looks very interesting.

A would love to keep on with Yii but I really need to know the timeframe for Yii2 development. When the production ready version is finaly going to be released. I cannot develop commercial application with beta - no approval for that! And I can’t loose my time on v.1.1.x any more as this is already too old and further porting applications to v.2 is not an option.

Any ideas?

BTW - some tutorials and guides woul be welcome for Yii2.

The popularity of Yii was so great mostly due to great documentation. Now, in case of Yii2 we are left alone with damn class listing.

Kohana recently was abandoned by its creator in favor of a set of libraries. Not sure if it’s a good or not so good sign…

We don’t have fixed release date yet. There are number of issues to solve for RC. After that it should be not that long before release.

Joining the question and apologize for being somewhat pushy :slight_smile:

I’m starting a new project, one that would go live [size=2]not too soon -[/size][size=2] [/size][size=2]several months down the road, at least. For such long term project I’d like to choose the best possible platform, one that would be updated and relevant for years to come. [/size]



[size=2]I’m seriously considering Yii2 but I’m not sure how usable Yii2 is now (didn’t play with it), and can you give your tentative estimate on release date(s)?[/size]


I can’t give an estimate. It depends very much of core team free time we’re able to devote to the project and it varies. I’d like to get it in two-three months personally but it can be totally wrong estimate.

Current state is "usable but reserve extra time for learning, bugs and, probably pre-release changes".

Thanks for the update. Your ‘current state’ text is useful (didn’t notice it elsewhere).

I have done a big project with Yii2 and so far no issues apart from narrowed help (Yeah, its new thing ;)). Changes to API, AFAICS are very few and to cope with them is easy (assuming you do not use every class of the framework)

I can say im having fun playing with Yii2 beta for my personal project(s). My current aim is to get some knowledge on Yii2 so that I can write production ready applications for my clientele soon. Im a big fan of Yii, but having to potentially wait more than 3 more months for a production RC is scary. I may have to start focusing attention to another framework just as insurance. Ive been waiting for Yii2 to build my latest projects on for almost a year now, and though Im reluctant to invest in another PHP framework at the moment, I may have to if its not a tool suitable for the business world very soon. Im sure everyone is working really hard though, I see all the updates every day, 7 days a week. Cheers to you guys, and good luck with smoothing everything out.