Yii2, ReactJS, SPA and CRUD

Hi everybody. I’m about to kick yii2 proyect off and I need some advices about incorporating new technologies in it. The proyect practically would be a medium size CRUD web-based app, with role-based access control, and maybe visual reports.

I have already some experience in Yii2 but now I was wondering about the idea of adding ReactJS for the frontend and approach an SPA. My experience in ReactJS is very recent so the main propose is to get deep in it.

So, I would like to ask, whether it has any sense this technologies combo (Yii2 Backend + ReactJS frontend) for such application? Will I run into any problems using ReactJS as my frontend and Yii2 as my backend?

Any thoughts about it will be highly appreciated.



I’m particularly interested about this too. Did you find out some ways to get this done? Please share your experience.

I wonder if there is something like Phoenix’s LiveView to power SPAs in Yii 2

Why simply don’t use Yii2 as backend api and develop the frontend with react/angular/vue?