[Yii2] problem with accent à è ì ò ù

Hi all I have a problem with accent or special characters à è ì ò ù.

In a fresh yii2 installation i change views/site/index.php



<h1>à - è - ì - ò - ù</h1>

My bad result is:

If i look at source html code of the page i see that meta charset utf-8 is right, but the strings into <h1> are already bad codified

In I try to edit manually <h1> field works fine.

Another try i made is to create a new test.php file in my webserver:

<!DOCTYPE html>



	<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">



		<h1>à - è - ì - ò - ù</h1>



and it works fine.

So i think is not my problem in php.ini or apache config, or in my html page, but there’s something wrong into Yii2 when get the view code with accents and generate the output page.

But I can’t find where… :blink:

Can someone help me plz?

Thank’s a lot

Save it in utf8 - open it and change the encoding.

Thank’s jacmoe, finally the problem was PhpStorm that change enconding from utf8 to windows-1252 byself(probabilly during last update)