Yii2 powered blog


I would like to design a blog powered by yii2, since I’m new to yii2 framework I have been searching for tutorials on various platform but I could not be succesful.

I have designed modules and models, views and controllers based on my database schema but I cannot move on from there like integrate with user registration User Login, Admin panel etc.

Anyone to help so that I complete my blog please.



The first thing waht is great to know is why have you chosen Yii2 as your future blog engline, but not a solution tailored for it, WP for example? They provide the minimum blog functionality out-of-the-box and the one thing you need to do is slight tuning and deployment on the server.

However, if you have any kind of restrictions and the blog must be written on Yii2, I suggest the following modules/parts to start with:

  1. Registration

  2. Sign In

  3. Posts

  4. Posts Categories


  6. User Roles

  7. Moderation

Please ping me if this issue is still actual for you and I will share some my finding that may help you.



You should look at Easyii , http://easyiicms.com/

it’s a shot at a CMS built on Yii2 framework. I personally built a website using it, www.ers-my.com . It’s a little confusing as he put the backend in vendor / nomou but that should at least be a starting point. Look at how he arranged the modules.

I’ve since built my own backbone CMS starter because I find I need less and I prefer my frontend / backend to be clearly identified. I’m not using it for distribution so that’s fine.

Good luck!

Yes, I have some kind of restrictions such that I should write the blog by using Yii2.

I’m still with the problem, so help me with your resources.

Thank you.

Does it mean if i use easyii would i still be in yii2 as my main engine?

Google "my-yii". That will give you a good site to create your blog. Even there is a complete series to do that but to access all tutorials of that series you need to pay some fee (about USD$10 for unblock all tutorials i think), maybe worth it, depending your urgency and needs. But even so, the free tutorials are great, explanatory and hopefully they guide you for the right path.


Sure, we can assign a Yii2 developer for this. Also it would be great if you can share initial requirements with me.