Yii2-pluto : failed to save user profile

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I have a function that in the case of afterSave creates an object assigns a value to the primary key and tries to save it, but returns me

Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry '17' for key 'PRIMARY'
    The SQL being executed was: INSERT INTO `user_profile` (`id`) VALUES (17)

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Unfortunately this is too less information.
Do I understand your description correct?

  1. You save a new record.
  2. Inside $myRecord->afterSave() you try to overwrite / change the primary key (of the very same record you just created in Step 1)?

Could you show some example code?
It would help to determine the actual problem.


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In register action I save User model, in same model I’ve an afterSave( ) that create a UserProfile class, copy user->id to userProfile->id and then return userProfile->save(false)

Where is that wrong? Thanks

here the model : https://github.com/sjaakp/yii2-pluto/blob/master/models/User.php

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Can be a solution, first save the model (profile) and then update the primary key with $model->updateAttributes([…]); ?

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Sorry, currently no time to investigate your code.

Just to ensure there is no missunderstanding:

  1. You want to create a user profile, together with the user, right?
  2. The primary key of the profile should be the id of the user, right? (user_profile.id = user.id)

“Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry ‘17’”

Means:The code tried to create a new profile with id=17,
but inside the user_profile table was already a record with id = 17.

This leads to following conclusions / questions:

  1. When there is already a user_profile record, where was it created initially?
  2. Is is possible that you forgot to truncate the user_profile table before testing your code?
  3. In your user_profile table, how is the primary key managed? Just “manually” by your code?

Best Regards

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in the afterSave method of the User model with the statement $profile = Yii::createObject($cls, $prClass);

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I tried to empty the table but I have the same result :frowning:

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Hi @paskuale,

So you are using sjaakp/ yii2-pluto, right?

// I’ll modify the topic title a little and moved the topic to “extensions” sub-forum.

It’s only a guess, but I’m afraid you have failed to configure your user profile model for yii2-pluto. Could you show us the table schema for your user_profile table?

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I followed the suggestions of the readme here

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maybe I found the solution… since I use the advanced app of Yii2, I had extended the module both in the backend config and in the backend config, the ‘module’ parameter should not be pointed to my module but to the default one (‘class’ =>’ sjaakp\pluto\Module ',)
I paste below an example for the backend:
‘bootstrap’ => [‘log’,‘buser’],
‘modules’ => [
‘buser’ => [
‘class’ => ‘sjaakp\pluto\Module’, //not mine ‘common\modules\user\Module’
‘defaultRole’ => ‘support’,
‘identityClass’=> User::className(),
‘profileClass’ => UserProfile::className(),
‘passwordRegexp’ => ‘^\S*(?=\S{8,})(?=\S*[a-z])(?=\S*[A-Z])(?=\S*[\d])\S*$’,
//… other params

probably the model save operation was doubled!

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Yeah, I think so, too.

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strange though, being extended objects …