Yii2 passwordless authentication

Dear All,

Can anyone give a guidance or example on doing user authentication based on certificate (passwordless)?

I have two scenarios when to use this. First, I have a clubhouse application, most transactions are done in frontdesk, including, records member visit. This takes few minutes just to record member visit. I want to use mobile phone as terminal. I can have separate application just to read the member’s card barcode and record the visit. However, I cannot store information about in which terminal this recording happened and it should have no user authentication or otherwise, it needs another few seconds just to login. I implement session timeout after 5 minutes inactivity. I imagine if I can put a certificate in the mobile phone, it will automatically login and I can have secure page to record member visit.

Second situation is my client have yii application hosted in godaddy. However, he does not want his staffs to access the app from other location than office. But, he should be able to do so. He does not want his staff to send price list to his competitors.user and password is useless since the user is already have the correct password. Ip based login is also difficult to be implrmented sincr the server is in godaddy while his office using dynamic ip for his internet connection.

Any guidanve where to start?



I am also looking for the solution that what the Second situation is @Daniel explained.

MAC address based validation is possible ?? ??? , if possible please explain how to implement it in yii2 application .

Hi Daniel, one idea for the second problem - Here you may implement a 2-factor authentication where the second factor can be an sms code to your client, so that any body getting sms code sent to his phone only can sign in.

Hi Daniel,

for the first problem - this may be suitable for an android app.