Yii2 panel controller

Yii2Panel was designed to make boards that display different panels from different modules/extensions with access rights control.

Meeting better as expected, as the Yii2Panel can be used for displaying panel from any other module/extension with access control.

Another benefit is that the panels to be displayed are assigned to a module configuration that allows different panels to be used in the module for different projects.


Simply dashboard solution. Each dashboard panel define as panel controller action identically as Yii page:

  • panel controller in behaviors can control access - panel display only for users, who has access;
  • panel controller controller action for creating HTML or response;
  • create view folder in same folder, where all module controller views;
  • for displaying add PanelWidget like anchor in view file;
  • in module config for PanelWidget set one or more panels as Yii routes with parameters to panel controller;


  • PanelWidget get panel list from module configuration
  • PanelWidget call panel controller action with parameters
  • Panel controller validate access. If no access, return empty string
  • panel controller action create response HTML
  • PanelWidget output response HTML
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