Yii2 page reloads automatically

In yii2, I have created two tables sales and sales_items. Sales has only customer id, primary key and defaults. Sales_items has items and details for every sales id. I created a form with CRUD contains







In the list product_id, quantity, unit_price are from sales_item models and customer_id is from sales model.

I placed sales_item model inside a div and clone them with a add item button,Issue is when I clone them for the first time it creates a copy perfectly, but when I click it on the second time the whole page reloads, I have no idea whats going on, need help

my sales.js

clone_count = 0;

$("#add-item").on('click', function(){

	clone_count = clone_count+1;


	var clone = $(".items:first").clone();//.items is the enclosing div



Note: if I don’t enter any values, then it seems to be fine, but if I add any values and cloned the page reloads


It seems like the second click on your clone button trigger The form submition. Add preventDefault() and let me Know if it works!

Thanks and sorry for the late reply. You are right that button worked as submit. The simpler solution is to include type attribute as button for the button tag (I used <button> tag)or use the input tag with type button. Thanks a lot. :)

No much, i did no thing great!