Yii2 model relations visualization tool?

Are there any Yii2 data visualization tools, like there are for RDBs?

If you’re using MySQL I recommend the MySQL Workbench application for creating ERDs of a database. MySQL Workbench allows you to reverse engineer an existing database to create the ERD.

@Knight Yoshi indicates, Yii2 is not a database. You would need to look into the tools available for your RDB.

Yii can make the CRUD fro whatever schema the RDB provides.

It is possible to draw a rough schema based on code only but, as far as I know, there’s no such tool.

Yes, I know that. The issue is that the relations are defined in the models, and that is what I was asking about. Perhaps my question wasn’t clear enough and you misunderstood.

Ok, Ty. I thought I would ask before making my own.