Yii2 :model creation using Gii

I am new in yii2. i am very well in yii1.

In yii2 i know the process of how to create models but When i am trying to create model its shows error like Table ‘tbl_student’ does not exist.

i have a database mark and tables are tbl_student,marks,class_lookup.

What is the database ?

Attach values you are typed in "create model" form.

There is nothing complicated so it is most likely a simple mistake somewhere such as the database connection string being wrong, the database user not having the correct permissions to access the database you have created. When you start typing into the table field in Gii, it should auto-prompt you with the table names so you should be able to quickly tell whether Gii can see anything at all.


Check if you have a table prefix activated in config too.