Yii2 load balancers and assets


I’m currently trying to develop using Yii2 for an application which is load balanced across x amount of servers.

On the most part this works great but I am running into issues with the global assets (Yii, Bootstrap, etc).

On each server it creates the folders required as expected but because the files are copied to each server one at a time the filemtime on each server is different resulting in different folder hashes.

Is there a way I can override the folder destination to be something like @webroot/assets/bootstrap and @webroot/assets/yii instead of @webroot/assets/##HASH##?

Alternatively, have I been looking at this problem from the wrong angle?

Is there another way to get round this problem?

I have been spending far too long looking through the documentation to try and find a way to achieve this.

Thanks in advance.

Hi gary, did you found a solution?

Since 2.0.6 it is possible to customize directory names: http://www.yiiframework.com/news/88/yii-2-0-6-is-released/