Yii2 Listview Customization

Hello All,

I need to customize yii2’s ListView which display list from specific table with relational data. I need to customize

in way that it allowed data from another table (which is not relational) with specific # of List.

Let say

Table A have 100 records, So if we use Table A’s Record for display with Customized Listview with specific # (which is 6) then we need a record from Table B after every 6 record from Table A.


Table A is main product listing and Table B is Advertise table, So basically we need advertise after every specific record. we have to use Listview as we have implemented Filters & search functionality.

Please Suggest.

Thanks in Advance

If that’s SQL then I’d create an SQL view and use it as data source.

Thanks for your answer.

Yes It is MySQL, Can you help me with SQL how to create this type of view. I am new with view.



Here’s the guide: https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.6/en/views.html

Thanks :)