This is the forum for the yii2-krajee-base extension for Yii framework 2.0. This is a base library with set of foundation classes and components used by all Yii2 extensions by Krajee.

Hello I’m New To Yii-2 And Unable To install [color="#ff0000"]Yii-2 krajee Extension[/color][color="#1c2837"][size=“2”] by both the ways provided in the documentation please help me, i’m stuck… Any help is Appreciated . Thanks in advance . Please Reply me asap .[/size][/color]

  • Is there any way to download and install manually, bcoz composer seems trick and un-understandable to me.
  • [color="#1C2837"][size="2"] I did all as per the documentation but still i cannot make out how to install.[/size][/color]
  • [size=“2”][color="#1c2837"] Foolish to read but yes i want step wise installation process, i’m on [/color][color="#ff0000"]windows-7[/color][color="#1c2837"], my [/color][color="#ff0000"]wamp installed in D drive[/color][color="#1c2837"], [/color][color="#ff0000"]composer in C[/color][color="#1c2837"]. When i run [/color][/size][font=“Consolas,”]php composer.phar require kartik-v/yii2-widgets “*” i get [color="#ff0000"]composer.phar file not found.[/color][/font]
  • [font="Consolas,"]Some how i managed a way to locate the composer.phar file by give absolute path to the file, nothing happend it showed me downloading kartik-v but dint installed and failed


[font="Consolas, Liberation Mono, Menlo, Courier, monospace"][size="2"][b][color="#333333"]I want Step-by-step Installation process, should be in my project directory for installation and all such minute things. [/color]

[color="#333333"]I’m Using [/color][color="#ff0000"]Yii-Advance-Template[/color][color="#333333"] and would like to install only for backend users[/color][/b][/size][/font]

What kind of coding machine are you if you can’t even read the docs?

Go and read the guide first, and start by using the basic app template.

Thank you.

The first step you have to take is to learn how to setup and use Composer. You MUST learn it before you worry about the 2nd step.

It’s virtually inevitable for today’s web development. You can’t do without it where ever you go.

For Windows environment, the easiest way to setup it is to use the Composer-Setup.exe.


And, this may be a bit controversial, but you should start with the vanilla Yii 2 without 3rd party extensions. IMO, Kartik’s extensions are not best suited for beginners … they may be too sophisticated.

  1. Make sure that the PHP client is in your PATH - if you don’t know what that means, it means that you should be able to run PHP in a command prompt anywhere.

  2. Install Composer like Softark said.

  3. Install the asset plugin globally.

All these steps are clearly explained in the Guide :)

Thank you everybody got it working …