Yii2 : Joining child table to two parent tables

I have two parent tables and 1 child table in this format -

A - a_id, a_name (parent) B - b_id, b_name (parent) C - c_id, a_id, b_id

[b]aid and bid are foreign keys in table C.


I am trying to create a dataProvider starting from Model A, and want to join C to the picture such that the code looks like


But I don’t know how to make C join to both A and B for the given query using Yii2 standards. Any help would be appreciated.


child table belongs to either a or b or maybe both think of this as parent has many childs and child have one parent in both cases


class C extends ActiveRecord


	// ...

	public function getA()


		// has one



	// ...

	public function getB()


		// has one




to join A and B with C it should pretty straight forward

C::find()->with(['A', 'B'])->all();

The problem is I have to do a join with either A or B as a parent; since it is a complex db structure. Which is why when i join C to A, i need to make sure the C value is the one corresponding to B as well.

I tried adding a condition

->andWhere([‘like’,‘b. b_id’,‘c. b_id’]);

But this takes c. b_id as a string to compare with directly instead of comparing it as a table attribute.

Any ideas on how to fix this. I am new to yii2.

how about you join with both and do where condition like so

->andWhere(['c.b_id' => 'b.id', 'c.a_id' => 'a.id'])

This takes b.id and a.id on the RHS on both sides to be strings and not the attribute :(

Also if i use condition if (‘c.b_iid=b.id’), it works but messes up the count in the dataProvider.

I don’t understand what you mean by not the attribute

if you need to filter c by some id you can add another where condition

->andWhere(['c.id' => $someId])