Yii2-imagine improvements like LiipImagineBundle


I have used LiipImagineBundle ( https://github.com/liip/LiipImagineBundle/ ) in the past with some projects in Symfony2 and has some interesting features that speed up thumbnails management of a project.

Basically they add some controllers and filters that allow you to generate thumbnails on the fly.

I have done a similar adaptation on an old Yii1 project, by adding a new controller to the application and some additional configuration by which I could simply “configure” a new thumbnail filter in a config file and then apply it to a image directly from the view file.

I think this kind of functionality could be useful for this extension so:

  • Would you consider it a good idea to discuss the actual new features and implement them?
  • Or…
  • Can someone point me to how should I proceed to build this new extension by myself?

I have seen that Gii can generate Extension structure and also that there is so documentation on developing yii2 extensions, what I think I have issues with right now is understanding how can I develop the extension directly inside a project and at the same time be able to publish it to Github.

I am using NetBeans and Windows so it might be trickier than Linux because I cannot create symlinks.


We’re currently focused on Yii 3.0 but if you will contribute new extension features along with unit tests we’ll be grateful.

There’s a guide on extensions btw.: https://www.yiiframework.com/doc/guide/2.0/en/structure-extensions#creating-extensions