[Yii2] How to generate "service" table in different directory from front-end table using gii

Hi all,

I have my db with many table. Most of them i’d like to generate Model/Controller/View in a different directory because they are “service” table that never user must use, and only administrator will manage them.

I see that gii in Model generator let me to specify a different namespace and it’s ok, because if i set “app\models\admin”, the model is generated in my models/admin directory.

Also i can specify it in Controller generator, and the controller is generated in the right place.

But the view (generated by Controller generator) go in the view directory and not in view/admin.

Is there a way to solve this? I’m missing some setting?


EDIT: Probably is a gii bug, but if i create model and controller under "admin" subdir, also the view must be in "view/admin" directory. But gii generate the view under the "view" dir. I must put the view folder generated by gii, under "view/admin" manually and all works fine.