Yii2 Gridview to display pivot table data

I am new to Yii Framework and need help from experts here…

So basically I have table which i want to pivot as follows:

So far i can only display the repeating user in one column, all dates in one column and values in another filtering data between given dates with following code in controller:

$dataProvider = new ActiveDataProvider([
'query' =>Model::find()
->Where(['between', 'date', $start_date, $end_date])

and in view I have gridview widget as follows:

echo GridView::Widget([
'dataProvider' => $dataProvider,
'columns' => [
          ['class' => 'yii\grid\SerialColumn'],
          'user_id' => [
                       'attribute' => 'user_id',
                       'label' => 'User Name',
                       'value' => function($model) {
                          return $model->user->name;
         'date' => [
                  'label' => 'Date',
                  'format' => 'date',
                  'value' => 'date'
          'value' =>[
                  'label' => 'hours',
                     'value' => 'value'

there any gridview logic where i can display dates as heading and respective value(hours) in cells corresponding to user id which is displayed in non-duplicate rows.

I would appreciate if someone can show me the Yii tricks here…thanks

For pivot table created DataProvider. Actually use only in one project.