Yii2 gridview filter by date range

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hello forum, I need my gridview filter by date range , I searched the web and saw kartik - v / yii2 -date- range, put it but when I try to filter did not return anything , anyone know how to do this function or at least you can tell me how to operate the kartik - v one?

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Use between param in your ModelSearch.php


public function search($params)                                    



$query->andFilterWhere(['between', 'date', $this->start_date, $this->end_date]);


return $dataProvider;


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Alternatively, you could also try this:


public function search($params)                                    



$query->andFilterWhere(['>=', 'date', $this->start_date])

      ->andFilterWhere(['<=', 'date', $this->end_date]);


return $dataProvider;


This way, you can just provide an end date or a beginning date. You don’t have to enter both…

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Hi Guys,

May I need to know how to add filter for created_date from date and to date range filter in view file using the kartik Gridview. I’ve used the following process but not get works to me.

use kartik\daterange\DateRangePicker;



                        'label' => Yii::t('app', "Date"),

                        'attribute' => 'dealerAvailableDate',

                        'value' => 'customer_measurement.created_date',

                        'format' => 'datetime',

                        'filter' => DateRangePicker::widget([

                            'model' => $searchModel,

                            'attribute' => 'dealerAvailableDate',

                            'convertFormat' => true,

                            'pluginOptions' => [

                                'locale' => [

                                    'format' => 'Y-m-d'






 if (!is_null($this->dealerAvailableDate) && 

            strpos($this->dealerAvailableDate, ' - ') !== false ) {

            list($start_date, $end_date) = explode(' - ', $this->dealerAvailableDate);

            $query->andFilterWhere(['between', 'date(customer_measurement.created_date)', $start_date, $end_date]);


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can someone give detail example to filter date range in kartik gridview?

Thanks before.

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Is your column Date or Datetime in database? Date range use separator to separate dates. You will need to explode string and use array items with between query

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I did a manual for do this. You can follow in this url: https://tutoriales-yii2.blogspot.com/2017/09/tutorial-de-implementacion-de.html