Yii2 Git and Bitbucket

I want to start totally from scratch with a new Yii2 app, using a git central repository on bitbucket for version control. I have composer and git set up on my localhost at work, localhost at home, and on the live server (Linux Centos 6.7) which I can control. I set up a bitbucket account, and experimented and was able to make changes on my work localhost, upload them to the repository, and pull them in to the live server.

My question is really about the sequence of events. Do I use composer to install the Yii2 app on each host first before initializing git? Start with empty folders? Do I install Yii2 locally and pull the whole thing in via git?

I set up my current app the hard way just using ftp transfers and would like to get my work environment situated before getting into coding.