yii2 gii generated view structure causing an error is The view file does not exist

I am using [size="2"]yii2[/size][size="2"] advanced template.[/size]

for backend

I have a table post_category, using gii to create a model and crud for this table, I have found a folder name in view folder as [size="4"]"post-category"[/size] and related files

when I visit create or index … pages, It shows the following error

[size="2"]The view file does not exist: path\[/size][size="2"]backend\views\[/size]postcategory\[size="3"]create[/size][size="2"].php[/size]

[size="2"]and if I edit folder name [/size] [size="2"]"post-category" to [/size]postcategory [size="2"]than all pages are accessible.[/size]

is there a solution for using gii with table name having underscore?

[color="#333333"]ok its working,[/color]

[color="#333333"]i was expecting Url : path/backend/web/index.php?r=postcategory/index [/color]

[color="#333333"]instead of [/color]