"Yii2 Framework Support" plugin for Jetbrains IDEs


There was a plugin Yii2 Support for PHPStorm/Intellij. Unfortunately, It was not supported last years because we had no time to support it, which means we are not ready to support the plugin for free.
For those who are ready to pay a small amount (relatively) and continue to use the plugin, I launched a commercial version of the plugin called Yii2 Framework Support.
The current version works on modern Jetbrains IDEs.
I am currently working on bug fixing in views subsystem and will fix deprecated code for future versions. If there are enough buyers, new features will be introduced. With enough interest from the community (potential buyers), I am motivated to develop a plugin for Yii3 and Cycle ORM.


If you create an X account and would like to get it to members tag Yii Updates. It is an account for sharing anything Yii with the community

Thank you for the tip!

I’m interested, but the placement price seems a bit high to me. From what I see, the prices are these: €40 first year, €32.00 second year, €24.00 third year. The question I have is this: has this plugin existed for 3 years? Because otherwise, for early adopters, you should set the price at €24. In that case, I would buy it.

The plugin existed for a long time, I guess we started working on it in 2017. So plugin is pretty mature, of course not without issues, but I am working on it. Unfortunately, there are no regional prices, and for me, this level of price is kind of “buy me a beer level”.

Ok, but how long has it been paid for? Because otherwise, nobody can reach price levels 2 and 3. I used it a bit but then uninstalled it because it was broken. We are all developers here, so we know how important our work is and it’s right to get paid for our work. What is less fair is paying the full price for software that might still be in beta. Prices could be ok, but my advice is to adopt a lower price for early adopters who can do some beta testing in the meantime. And when the plugin is mature, set it at full price.Just my 2 cents.

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@olegl84 since people might want to test the waters and gain confidence, why not reduce the price for the first year and then go for whatever in following years. Will let many people test it and increase chance of getting more paying users

There is a standard test period - 30 days

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I made regional discounts for countries with lower absolute GDP.

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It was broken mostly because of lack of support. JetBrains updating their API modifying behavior of already existing method calls.