yii2 fixtures doesn't work properly for me

I have a problem with fixtures in yii2 , I just created all required file according to this document but it’s not working. let me explain , I have a module called Authyii and inside this module I have a model named User . this is my directory structure

my fixture file is like this :

namespace app\modules\Authyii\tests\fixtures;

use app\modules\Authyii\models;

use yii\test\ActiveFixture;

use yii\test\Fixture;

class UserFixture extends ActiveFixture


    public $modelClass = 'app\modules\Aythyii\models\User';

    public $tableName = 'authyii_user';


this is my command line :

but after I type ‘yes’ and command line says :

but when I check my database there is not new record inside authyii_user tables .

I am sure I missed something but what ?

my question in Stackoverflow