Yii2 Extended template

Every small new project with the advanced template had to repeat the same tasks.

Combined it all and called the extended template:

  • add rmrevin / yii2-fontawesome Asset Bundle with Font Awesome 5
  • add yiisoft / yii2-bootstrap4 Bootstrap 4 Extension
  • add Bootstrap 4 Dasboard Template to backend
  • add ActionColumn implementation for Bootstrap 4 icons
  • remove unique key from user.username . Authorization by email and password.
  • add simple permissions - User property admin . Only Admin has access to backend. For most powerfull - use RBAC.
  • add User CRUD to backend
  • make codeception tests valid, using yii2-bootstrap4
  • add some tests to backend / create and update user
  • add selenium to docker-compose.yml and docker config at frontend/tests/acceptance.suite.yml.example
  • change php to yiisoftware/yii2-php:7.4-apache in Dockerfile
  • add config to Dockerfile for pretty URL
  • add urlManagerFrontend to backend config for making links from backend to frontend

Welcome: https://github.com/DeryabinSergey/yii2-app-extended


Frontend is default but with Bootstrap 4

Backend with Bootstrap 4 Dasboard Template

Update template, merge changes from main repo,

Add some logic for deleted user. If user set as deleted (status = 0), new user can sign up with his email. Add some test for this.

Welcome: https://github.com/DeryabinSergey/yii2-app-extended

nice work! maybe add social logins too? or use this? GitHub - 2amigos/yii2-usuario: Highly customizable and extensible user management, authentication, and authorization Yii2 extension

Hi all. Look at v2 GitHub - DeryabinSergey/yii2-app-extended: Yii 2.0 Extended Advanced Application Template

Main benefits - add RBAC implementation, base roles and permissions already available. CRUD for users backend. Full tests coverage backend: acceptance, functional, unit.