ActiveRecord import and export based on PHPExcel for Yii 2 framework.

Currently only import is implemented.

There are two importers to choose from - basic and advanced.

Basic import features:

  • Using attribute labels from model or custom labels

  • Arbitrary amount and order of columns with attributes

  • Create and update mode

  • Value replacement

  • Detailed error messages with exact wrong filled cell mentioning

  • Wrong model (where import failed) for getting all validation errors or printing error summary

Advanced import features:

  • Multiple sheets for grouping data

  • Multiple models

  • Remembering of attribute names for each model

  • Model defaults

  • Linking models through primary keys

  • Saving and loading any amount of rows

Github link - https://github.com/arogachev/yii2-excel

Currenlty in readme there is only basic info, will add more later.

Some notes are added in template files.

Glad to receive feedback / improvement tips / constructive criticism.