Yii2 Documentation And "blog" Example Project

There must be an example projects like "blog" in yii1 in the yii2.0 along with definitive guide as well, they are really very helpful to understand yii2 quickly.thanks

There’s a plan to create such example project. Will be done closer to final release.

Any idea when the Yii2 blog example will be available?

Thank you


Only when there are more quality resource/tutorials , more people will become attracted to using yii2. At present the lack of tutorials which will be easily understood by even novice programmers is a drawback for the popularity of yii2

True. Do you want to help us?

I want :)

I’ve made improved advanced template, plus I will backport all features to basic one too. I am planing to make blog and e-commerce templates too.

Related to question about tutorials and documentation, I will try to make video tutorials about these templates ( how to use them and all ) plus tutorials about other stuff. The thing is, I am having some problems with the sound on my PC, if I do not solve it I will make written ( in detal, with pictures and all ) tutorials on freetuts.org, if I fix sound problem I will make video tutorials and they will be on YouTube. After I do them, you are free to post them on yii site, if you like them ofc…

See you soon :)

That’s great plan. Thanks in advance!