Yii2 developer needed to take over ongoing project

(Eevelle) #1

8 eCommerce sites on one codebase. These sites have a sophisticated management interface that includes an inventory management system, a CRM, a CMS (for all the sites), API interfaces to external data sources for the sites, web connector interfaces to accounting software and more. All of the programming work is custom.

These sites are fully operational but also under a constant state of improvement.

We need an individual who wants full time work continuing to develop these sites. This is not a small project and it comes with a lot of history.

The company is in the Pacific time zone but are happy to work with remote people. Please have a good grasp of English.

We will need a resume highlighting Yii2 work, preference will be given to those who can show us a very strong work history. If you have a github page with code samples, even better. Let me know up front what kind of salary/wages you’d expect.

I’m happy to talk through Skype or email.

Introduce yourself here and I’ll DM you my details.

(Scott_Cis) #2

I am interested, please contact: scott.cisin20@gmail.com
Skype: cis.scott

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(Giannisdag) #3

Hi, I am interested too,
for more information and example work that I think resembles your specifications, please contact giannisdagATyahoo.gr
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I’m specialized in development and management of large complex web-based projects with a size of several hundreds functional components. This experience includes active work with large poorly documented code bases created by other developers. Other half of my background consists of self-financed self-studies in social sciences, biology, and arts.

Please, check my CV by the following link:

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(Eevelle) #5

Please DM me with wage expectations.