YII2 developer for hire

Hello all.

Thanks for looking at this post.

I’m developing Yii2 projects during 1 year. In general they are simple projects, but some of them are difficult.

Skills: PHP5, PHP7, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JS(jQuery, some VueJS), Bootstrap, Yii2 framework(basic/ advanced template), Composer, Git (Github, Bitbucket, …).

I’m working with different extensions/modules.

I can create simple small/medium/large applications or update difficult projects.

For creating website I use complete HTML-template or [b]full description, including admin possibilities, data for storing,

other details …[/b]

Portfolio: (github.com/avs123a)

I’m looking for small, medium, large projects or remote job.

If you need to create/update any website - send letter to email: an128z56@gmail.com