Yii2 Dektrium User extension, Confirmation link displaying : You are not allowed to perform this action. #703

I tried to register and it sent an email to my account with the link : https://mydomain.com/index.php/user/confirm/167/F_SOqeMFj6XfbzDHMSjXYR9bFl2RzrNz.php

but when I click the link the access control is saying "You are not allowed to perform this action."

The component configuration is :

   'user' => [

    'identityClass' => 'app\models\User', //<= this

    'enableAutoLogin' => true,

My urlManager configuration is :

 'urlManager' => [

'enablePrettyUrl' => true,

'showScriptName' =>true,



My module configuration is :


        'user'=> [

            'class' => 'dektrium\user\Module',














            'enableUnconfirmedLogin' => false,

            'emailChangeStrategy' =>'\dektrium\user\Module::STRATEGY_SECURE',

            'confirmWithin' => 21600,

            'cost' => 12,

            'admins' => ['admin']

I tried to configure the urlManager but the problem now is if I copy and paste the confirmation url in the browser it is redirecting to the default action(as if it is redirecting because it missed the route).


  'user/confirm/<id:\d+>/<token:\w+>' => 'registration/confirm'),

I inherited my registration controller from dektrium registration controller to override the register,confirm action;